Secret 100% getting any loan is very simple – you need to identify all the possible causes of failure in the credit and eliminate these causes! And …

The fact that the Bank – it is not a casino or slot machine, and the credit – is not winning the lottery! There are no coincidences. If the reasons for refusal not, the loan you will get! If the reason for refusal is, it is possible for months to roam the banks, hoping for a “good bank”, but the result will always be one – the failure, without any explanation. The bank will never tell you about the reasons for the denial, because, first, during your test (underwriting), the Bank uses are not always legal means and databases, and secondly, the Bank is afraid of scams, such as Gosznak – counterfeiters and therefore, does not disclose all the niceties.

But it’s not so bad.

I have for you some good news – the Bank wants to give you credit!

After the Bank on this earns!

Bank – this is not the state. The institution, but not a charity!

Think about it. Why the Bank to spend money (not small) for salaries of employees, office rent, advertising, and at the same time to deny you the loan?

REMEMBER BANK simply so do not refuse!

There is always a reason for failure!

Eliminate this cause and to convince the bank in its payment and credit and the loan is yours!

So, step scheme for obtaining any credit!

1. Monitoring of all banking products in your region.

Make a list of the banks. Visit the websites of these banks and write down information about loans that offer these banks, as well as contact numbers. Rang all the banks on the subject of clarification lending and requirements for borrowers. Choose three of suitable options for you, analyzing all the “pitfalls”.

2. Know your credit history.

Yes, do not be surprised. You will not believe, but 9 out of 10 credit histories contain errors or incorrect data!
Think of your code of the credit history and the site of the Central Bank in the Central Catalogue of Credit Histories You can learn which of the 32 (!) Of the Bureau of Credit Histories (CHB) contains information about you. Then, make a request to the CRA. Once a year, according to the law you can do it free of charge. Then analyze your credit history for errors. If the error is still there, you will need to contact the bank, to admit those mistakes to the Statement of correcting credit history, or to send a statement to the CRB.

It is important that what you indicate in the banking questionnaire completely consistent with what see in your credit history security officer of the Bank, but only before you treat your documents to the Bank.


Fans of vacation credit is a rare example of wastefulness. After repayment of the loan taken for the purchase of goods or real estate, the purchase for some time will continue to delight consumers. But borrowers who took credit for vacation, deprived of this joy of waiting several months paying for the pleasure obtained in the past. Nevertheless, say the banks and travel agents, in some cases, credit for vacation really convenient and even necessary.

Among these there are some obvious reasons, when the client wants to relax for a more expensive program, plans to vacation with your family or wish to join the company not having sufficient funds. There are also less rational reasons to buy on credit. For example, borrowed money can go on tour without affecting the family budget, and said its second half, which was fishing. Is not the answer, asks a travel agency Travel Times. Is your approach this company to shopaholics: the tour in the credit can go to Europe or the United Arab Emirates, and the money that could be used to pay for it, it is better to spend on shopping, coat and so on. For large purchases savings, according to the agents could reach more than overpay for a loan.

Whichever of these categories does not include consumers, suitable loan for him there. At the beginning of the year on the market turkreditov you could see two or three of the bank, and now their number reaches ten. Tours on credit are now offering hundreds of travel agencies, including the major players, demand is growing from month to month, but a full recovery is still far from pre-crisis volumes. “Loans to rest – it is a niche product, offers a limited number of banks, – says head of strategic marketing and the quality of the bank BSGV Stephan Boyer. – On holidays often take loans, simply because of the advantages of specialized loans know not all.”

Tours on credit agency

Buying travel agency without visiting the bank. In most cases, registration of such a loan is no different from the usual POS-lending in commercial networks. This product provides a minimum set of documents from the borrower, decision-making for 20-30 minutes, and a fairly high rate of 22-55% per annum. Visit the Bank may be required only after the conclusion of the credit transaction you make regular monthly payments. It is convenient and available, but for this service to all lovers of easy and quick money to pay.

Often the interest rate on the loan from the agent are often even higher than in the same bank for another loan programs without income verification. “It all depends on the time that has a client – says the head of the development of products and projects,” OTP Bank “Alexander Krotov. – Typically the monthly payment on loans issued on the spot did not differ much from the same, but the loan is decorated in the department. ” But if the loan is issued at a travel agency, the failure rate will be significantly lower than in the case of a multi-purpose loan”- say in the” Credit Europe Bank “. They know what they say – this bank in Moscow only 32 partner travel agencies, but only in the agent network includes 300 outlets across the country. The low failure rate of consumers say other banks and travel agents.